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Start speaking Chinese straight away with these common everyday phrases with your children.

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A Chinese phrasebook for parents!

Available in Cantonese or Mandarin.

*phone not included


All books available on Amazon

How it works

Replace what you normally say with Chinese

free audio included!

Practical phrases used everyday

Over 1500 words & phrases

Chapter 1: Good Morning 早晨

Listen to a sample chapter 

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Chapter 1: Good Morning 早安


covers daily activities from waking up to bedtime

Cantonese Yale edition shown (also available in Jyutping)

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eBook also available

+ Over 1,500 words and phrases in this handy book

+ Free audio included - listen to the phrases spoken by a native speaker 

+ Amazing value: same price as one hour of private instruction

+ Practical phrases that you can start using everyday straight away

+ See solid results right away and as you continue to use it

+ Cantonese book available in Jyutping or Yale pronunciation guide

+ Mandarin comes with pin yin pronunciation


This book is ideal for beginners to forgetters. There are phrases for parents to speak with babies and older children.

All books now available on Amazon

Yale Edition

Jyutping Edition


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Everyday Cantonese for Parents - A Cantonese phrasebook
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