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Going out on a limb

Learning Cantonese isn't easy and when you are looking for books to read with your children when you can't read or speak Cantonese, it is more of an impossible task. When I wrote Hello Little Moon in 2017, I had no hesitation in deciding to get it translated in Mandarin (I learned that translating a rhyming book comes with it's difficulties!) but I hesitated with Cantonese.

As many learners know, there is a big difference between written Cantonese and spoken Cantonese. When one ‘writes in Chinese’, Mandarin speakers write as they speak, Cantonese speakers do not. All books in Hong Kong are written in standard Chinese so for learners such as myself, finding books which bridged that gap for learners was non-existent.

That was why mooliprint was created, I wanted to create books for fellow overseas born Chinese and non-heritage families to have accessible books to try to make learning Cantonese just that bit easier.

I was afraid of going ahead for fear of people's repirsal, "that's not how they write Chinese books in HK!" but this is the kind of book I would want.

I know my books will unlikely ever be in a library in HK or China but for someone anywhere else in the world, it may just help that one family on their Cantonese journey and that brings joy to me.

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