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Got my book read by the Duchess of York!

You may be familiar with my bilingual fairy tale books, however my first book I wrote and published was Hello Little Moon which I wrote in 2017. My daughter was only 2 then and I wanted more books representing her bi-racial Asian and Caucasian heritage.

It was a bedtime story featuring my daughter and Monty (our dog features a lot in my books!) and really enjoyed my first collaboration working with talented illustrator Gina Song and voiceover artist Amy W on the audiobook too.

Fast forward to 2022 and I was thrilled to hear that the Duchess of York - Sarah Ferguson, had chosen to feature and read Hello Little Moon in her Youtube Channel Storytime with Fergie and Friends.

As someone who had dreamt of being as a writer as a child but was encouraged to pursue a more traditional career in healthcare (the Asian way, but I totally understand!) I was so honored that my book was chosen.

If you'd like to check it out, I have added the video below! It is available in English, bilingual Mandarin and Spanish too.

Hello Little Moon - English Ed

Hello Little Moon - Bilingual Mandarin and English

Hello Little Moon - Bilingual Spanish and English

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