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Meeting other authors at the Festive Fair NEC 2021!

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a few fellow indie writers at BookPlanet4kids at the Festive Fair at the NEC and the opportunity to partake in my first show as a writer! For the event, I had brought my first book I had published back in 2017 when Ava was only 2, Hello Little Moon. It's a bedtime story based around my daughter not wanting to go to sleep (funnily a lot of parents I spoke to had the same difficulties!) :-D It was originally written to represent my daugher as Asian representation in mainstream literature was limited.

In the last few years there has been a real positive movement to increase Asian representation in children's literature, a real step up from when I was a child growing up in the UK.

It was a great event and it really hit home just how lucky I am to have such a supporting family. My husband, the kids plus my brother and sister all travelled a considerable way to come and support me. Writing books is quite a different path to what I studied and trained for at university but I really enjoy it and love hearing how my books impact in a positive way.

Aswell as bilingual books, I am working on another children's book featuring both of my girls. Hello Little Moon was written before the second child was born so need to get cracking on it as the youngest is already 4!

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