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The Three Little Pigs 三隻小豬 Coming Soon!

Apologies for not being too active recently, work has been incredibly busy and unfortunately our school as been affected by corona outbreaks meaning periods of school closure and isolation measures. That being said, we are very glad to finally reach the summer holidays and hope to enjoy the summer break in the UK via staycation and enjoy the best of what England has to offer on our doorstep!

I am exicted to say the release of The Three Little Pigs 三隻小豬 in bilingual English and Cantonese version is soon available and just finalising print proofs which is very exiciting! Please watch this space as there will be a free ebook giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

The Three Little Pigs 三隻小豬 - Bilingual English and Cantonese edition

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