Learn Mandarin as life happens!



Do you want your family to learn Mandarin but not a native speaker or fluent?



There are many parents and carers who wish to raise their children to be bilingual for many reasons, however they may not be fluent themselves or they may have lost fluency with time.

Children learn to talk from their parents however, the toughest part of learning Mandarin is learning how to speak like a native.


Most Mandarin books cover travel and business affairs, this unique book covers every day phrases spoken to children such as feeding, daily activities right through to bedtime and talking about feelings.

Start introducing common phrases that you would normally speak to your children but replace them in Mandarin!


✓ This book covers common phrases and words when communicating with your baby and older children. 


✓ Start speaking Mandarin straight away and learn as life happens!


✓ Useful and relevant phrases to communicate with children in Mandarin


✓ Phrases come in simplified Chinese characters and pronunciation guide is in the pinyin romanization system


✓ Written by a BBC parent raising their children to be bilingual. 


TOPICS (40 Chapers)

  • The Basics
  • Daily Routine
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Daily Activities
  • Early Learning & Play
  • Eating
  • Social Skills & Emotions
  • Sleeping


Book dimensions : 5.5x8.5"

Number of pages 100


Every day Mandarin for Parents


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