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Ann Hamilton

Rapunzel 長髮姑娘: (Bilingual Cantonese with Jyutping and English

Rapunzel 長髮姑娘: (Bilingual Cantonese with Jyutping and English

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Experience the enchanting story of Rapunzel in a fresh and exciting way with this Asian retelling. Follow a brave young woman as she overcomes her fears to reclaim her freedom, aided by the kind-hearted Hao-Yu. This bilingual edition, available in Cantonese and English, presents a beloved tale infused with an Asian twist, perfect for families who want to enjoy this classic fairy tale in a new light.

In this edition, Cantonese is presented in spoken colloquial form with Jyupting pronunciation, accompanied by traditional Chinese characters. The book also includes free audio, spoken by a native speaker, available on

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Rapunzel and discover a captivating story that will delight both children and adults alike.

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